Market Making

A Company’s most important currency is its stock.


(Issuer Designated Market Making)

An Issuer Designated Market Maker (IDMM) provides liquidity by calling a two-sided market continuously on all exchanges in your stock.

An ITG IDMM maintains a fair and orderly market by:

  • Tightening the spread
  • Providing volume that is readily accessible to buyers and sellers by “actively” trading
  • Effectively mitigating price volatility and promoting orderly price discovery through multiple orders entered on both sides of the book. This leads to a lower cost of capital in the future
  • Human Market Makers coupled with bespoke cutting-edge technology
The ITG advantage is having multiple points of contact between your Market Maker, sales and trading analyst, and the ability to always have human eyes on your stock and its trading activity.

Market Making

(& Continuous Distribution Dealership)

ITG’s market makers leverage their experience better to understand the interactions between other participants across multiple marketplaces and relay this information to the company.

Deploying a ‘hybrid’ solution to the problem of illiquidity in under-represented listed companies.

We assign each listed issuer a market maker, who manually adds liquidity to the existing order book while deploying our bespoke algorithmic trading strategies on each symbol, thereby improving the liquidity profile of the stock.

Our clients have access to more liquidity, better depth and enhanced market knowledge. Take comfort in knowing an experienced market maker is managing your stock.

Companies on average experienced a substantial increase in their volume following the engagement of Independent Trading Group.

Companies who engaged market-making services experienced a decline in their average spread.

Companies that employed Independent Trading Group saw an increase in the number of days when a trade occurred.

Issuers experienced a decline in price volatility when aligning themselves with an Issuer Designated Market Maker.

Maintaining a human touch in market making.