Client Solutions

Institutional Agency Trading


Low Touch /DEA Trading is designed to appeal to clients who have sophisticated strategies and are capable of trading without a need for direct intervention.

An experienced trader will be ready should a low-touch client have an immediate need for assistance with accessing liquidity or trade processing. Typically, these strategies are high-volume, high-turnover, and proprietary to the individual client.

High Touch Outsourced Trading Desk is available to all institutional clients of ITG should they wish to access dark, opaque, or Over The Counter (OTC) markets in equities and fixed-income products. Our diverse team of traders leverage their experience to help our clients meet their liquidity needs by leveraging ITG’s expertise in transacting within complex and illiquid markets.


ULTRA-Low latency Electronic Trading (DEA)

Serenity© is ITGs’ flag-ship DEA product.

Flexible, scalable, fast, and designed for one purpose, to help our clients capture alpha.

Serenity is co-located in multiple marketplace data centers and deployed on best-in-class hardware to minimize order transmission times and maximize order thru-put.

Algorithmic Trading

(Buy-side & Bespoke)

Serenity© Buy-Side Algo Suite is a basket of trading tools designed to aid our clients seeking liquidity in the Canadian and US markets. These algorithms are unique to ITG and offered via our Serenity API or through one of our various OMS vendor/distributors.

Serenity© Bespoke Algos, also proprietary to ITG, are custom-built and unique to each client. We have the capability to translate our clients’ custom requests into algorithmic trading strategies. After thorough and rigorous quality assurance and backtesting, these strategies can be deployed by our DEA clients.

Investment Banking

Independence is our differentiator.

Our solutions help public and private companies, financial institutions and advisory firms to raise capital, identify conflicts of interest and provide issuers with the best independent advice.

Most investment banks rely heavily on deal flow to facilitate transactions and offer issuers little to no post-deal support. ITG’s investment banking division provides technical due diligence, financial modelling, transaction structuring, and financial and business advice for mergers & acquisitions.

ITG can support deal makers and issuers that align with our brand values and corporate code of ethics rather than doing deals to make a quota or churning commissions.

Independent Direct

Invest smarter.

Independent Direct is a retail broker-dealer that helps novice and experienced traders diversify their portfolios by accessing real-time market data through a user-friendly app-based platform.

Independent Direct’s platform provides users with high-speed quotes and execution in equities and fixed-income products, making it easy for investors to go direct to market with confidence.

Invest smarter with Independent Direct.

Giving you an edge in today's market.